To Do list

The solar option is just a start. Wind turbine and water turbines are "on the list".

More information, resources and ideas will be made available as time and money allows. If you are interested in contributing to this, please email me.

On the list is:

  • LED lighting. Research has shown that older flourescent lighting gives children headaches due to the flickering. LEDs are a lot more expensive to buy, but a lot cheaper to run.
  • Allowing environmentally aware students to conduct an energy survey on the school for further savings.
  • Wind turbines. Especially ones designed for built-up areas.
  • Better use of natural lighting - Solartubes?
  • Water turbines. (Preferably NZ made)
  • Graphic, easy to understand, displays to show power generated (e.g Splash Monitoring)
  • Listing important links to existing research e.g EECA's web pages
  • Hot water pre-heater unit. (Rathbone spiral)
  • Challenges for other schools to save power
  • Incentives to encourage teachers and pupils to adopt energy saving.
  • Carbon credits/benefits
  • Civil Defence involvement
  • Government regulations/incentives. Can we have compulsory feed-in tariffs?